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I enjoyed the game, but I still had a few issues. Nothing major, mind you, just a few small things. But first, let me address the stuff I LOVED about the game. 1. The atmosphere is absolutely terrific, both in a terrifying and amazing way. 2. The music is haunting, and sounds like something straight out of an 80's horror flick. 3. Speaking of 80's horror films, the killer is scary as hell. When I first saw him my heart started pounding out of my chest. Absolute nightmare fuel. Now, the bad. The maze-runner style is absolutely fine, it's just that you aren't given ANY hints of where to go, meaning that the game could take up to an hour to complete. The story is nonexistent. At least, I think. I wasn't able to beat it because I couldn't find the exit. The fog in the game is great, but it makes it too hard to see the killer, so you could accidentally run face-first into the killer and his shiny hook. Very minor things, and I honestly think this game is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, especially since the game was made in just a week! I just would've liked a teeny tiny bit more story. Other than that, 10/10 game Matt! Can't wait to see if you make any other games! 

Thank you so much for posting, I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback! This game turned into a maze because I ran out of time, but I added street signs as a way to help navigate.  I know that can be hard to do with a killer constantly pursuing you. Nevertheless, if you really stick with it, it's shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes to find your way through, even if you take every path. And there is definitely a story, but again, due to time constraints the whole story is revealed at the end. If you play again, really pay attention to the last area if you want to figure it out. If you'd just as soon watch someone play it, JayskiBean has a great video where he attempts to solve the riddle and the ending, and he gets very close. I left a comment on the video that fills in/corrects anything he missed. It's worth checking out! Thanks again for posting, I'm stoked you enjoyed it so much!

Damn, I wasn't expecting a reply so soon! I didn't notice the signs, and I was really just running in circles. I'll check out the JayskiBean vid, and I'll keep an eye out for the comment! Thanks heaps, Matt!

Of course, thank you!