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  • I was given a choice between an Antidote Seed and an Antidote Seed, which seemed unfair and disappointing
  • I saw one of these white puffy guys trapped inside a hole walking back and forth and flashing
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  1. Whoa weird! I haven't seen matching seed choices before. Will definitely go an hunt this one down. Were you given this choice inside one of the rooms about halfway up the biome? (We refer to these as crystal rooms) Just want to make sure I'm looking in the right place. Also, there's a chance this is a symptom of something else- could you possibly send us your player log (If you haven't already shutdown and restarted the game, that's when it resets).

    * If you're playing on Windows, go to where the game installed, open the TumbleSeed_Data folder and grab output_log.txt
    * If you're playing on OSX, hold the option key and select "Go" at the top of your screen. Select "Library" and go down to the follow location: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
  2. And yeah some of the lil grubs seem to get stuck in a weird state on top of holes every so often :(

Thanks for the report!

I started playing again before I saw this, but I saw it again, this time with two Claymores. It was inside a crystal room, yes. Here's that output log:

Wow, yeah and no null errors in there. I'm gonna try and look into this first thing tomorrow! Thanks for stickin with it.

I'm having the same issue in current playthru.

output log:

[wonders if that code somehow just got deleted at some point]


Oh, yup, somehow that code just got lost at some point during a refactor. My fault!! Will be fixed in the next build. Sorry!!!

Woo! I was gonna say I'd never seen this before haha. Thanks all! :]