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We have the engine running on mobile but we don’t have it wired up to dragonruby-publish yet. Part of the delay is figuring out how to sign iOS applications without requiring all the Mac-specific infrastructure. We’re working on it.

If you have a game you could legit publish (as opposed to “I just want to see if this works,” ...which there’s nothing wrong with either, mind you!) please get in touch and we’ll figure out a way to get you on the App Store sooner while we continue to wrestle with the generic case.

Thanks for the quick response! Exactly what I was looking for.

How can I test a project on mobile?

Also,  what is the current status for compiling for Android / Play Store? I imagine the process is much more straightforward.

I'm also curious, when will there be a DragonRuby website? I'd love to contribute and help build it if possible with no charge to you guys- I've created several websites before.


You probably know all this stuff already, but last time I needed to sign an iOS app without a Mac I put together a little guide for myself about all the openssl signing bits, at Your use case may be different (in particular, I don't know how to build an ipa without a Mac, and I'm pretty confident that you actually cannot upload to the iOS App Store without one), but that may help with the signing parts if you don't already know it.


Didn’t know it was possible to sign an app to the AppStore without a Mac.. Thanks for the guide!