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Hi Jaunathan, this is a common issue if your graphic card drivers are out of date or if you're using an old computer.  

You can try the following method:

  1.  hold the SHIFT key while clicking the game launch button
  2.  a grey screen will appear instead of the game, that's normal
  3. select "Force GL2 Renderer", then "Quit"
  4. Restart the game.
  5. If the issue persists, go to that grey menu again and select "Force ANGLE2" Renderer" instead

Please let us know if that helps. As for the second question, the After Stories aren't out yet because we haven't finished making them...! That's why purchasing their "tier" right now counts as a pre-order. You will be notified when they are out. We are hoping for Q1 next year.


Hello again, 

I've tried the second option, and----- It worked ! Thank you  (I really thought the issue would persist). And, thank you again for your answer, your instructions.. 

I'll wait patiently until the next uptade. J.