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Neat. Chess, the game for which (almost) all other games derive!

It's difficult to tell what moves are going to end the game, without knowing how the ghosts move. Perhaps, hovering over a cell can show where the ghosts will move. Maybe only allow them to move the same number of squares as Pacman's move.


Yeah, something I considered when developing the game was, to give the ghosts the exact same moves as pacman himself, but since the ghosts in the real pacman each have a different AI, I thought it would be a nice homage to the game to give my ghosts each a different moveset. But that's something I would've liked to iterate more over during the game jam. Unfortunately I didn't have much time for this jam. I also don't really like the fact that the power ups give you a random different moveset, would involve a bit more strategy if you could see beforehand what the power up would give you. Perhaps if I find the time I'll update the game and make some changes. If you have anything else you'd like to see changed, just let me know.