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I am new to unity, please explain how to use it

Hey, First of all, welcome to Game Development especially using Unity! We hope you will have a great time developing awesome games!

Secondly, using our shader assets is pretty easy..... just make sure your project is using URP, then just drop our shader material to any of the sprites you want to act as a distortion effect. That's all. The settings to tweak the effect can be found on the shader itself to get the right feel. 

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for reply! I tried doing so, but the object becomes gray,  also SpriteRenderer component says:

and I have not found a way to fix this.

My project uses URP

The Distortion Sprite needs to be on the top layer, and you can use just a simple square sprite found in Unity 2D Sprite. Your ground should be a different sprite renderer placed on the base layer, and this distortion shader sprite to be placed on top of it. Now anything below the distortion shader sprite would look a bit distorted or wavy in nature. Furthermore, you can scale this sprite as per your needs and also tweak settings to get the desired result for your game. Hope this helps!