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Looks sweet and enjoyable. But has some problems:

 * Is way too consolish for my taste. I can not navigate in the menu by basic keyboard controls. Not even dreaming about mouse. Why do you not accept such basic functionality? It is a complete 5:30 for me.

 * No help makes even me want to drop and forgot it. Millenials would just glance away. I understand it could be a nice challenge to figure out, how you actually play it, but first few minutes were unsuccessful, so, whatevs.

Uninstalling, until I someday stumble upon it again and it has those issues fixed.

Hey, Bullware Soft is here!. You are right, Magical Prisma has 50% arcade and 50% console spirit. Sadly, for design issues, the mousse will not be compatible, and the tutorial isn't developed yet, but will be avaiable after the beta version is done. For the moment you have available a video tutorial and a control description both in this page. And a visual guide in the ingame menu/controls, where you can select a control that makes you feel more confortable with.

Thanks for you feedback and I hope you decide to reinstall the game in future versions.


Thanks for swift reply :) That sounds good. I respect your choices. Good luck with work on the game ;)