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Seed No.:132644864

A lot of healing special cards! At one point I had 5 but lost some due to blending. I thought I was invincible but then stepped on a carrot who knocked out my blended 14 defense card and killed me in one hit...I think I may try the seed again to see if I can make it through this time aware of what the carrot does.

In a different run I got an Escape! Now to find the use of the Mysterious Artifact...also I hate carrots! I'm not sure how they work just yet.

First impressions are I would say the first level is pretty hard unless you send yourself a card in the rocket then it's much more managable. I would say overall the game relies heavily on your card managment and board strategy. The only thing that I think makes it a little easy is the frequency of health powerups. I usually end up with a ton of tokens because I don't spend them much on healing. I may have just had health power up heavy seeds though.

Yeah, it does sound like you've been pretty lucky with the health cards! Five in one run is seriously lucky, frequently there's none.

I've been having some doubts about the difficulty of carrot myself lately. Maybe just a bit too much. Would be keen to hear your thoughts on them after you've interacted a bit more.