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I usually don't spend much time on iOS games (as this is the platform I chose for this game) but today I got all the way to the animal island which I think is a pretty good point to pause for today!

I love how quirky and fun this game is, and also how relatively easy it is so far.  Because hey, I'm not into hard games purposefully trying to make me get angry although a couple of battles got me worked up lol. I love Echo (gender non-conformity is my shit) and Balthor's gentleness and complete obliviousness of why women would be all over him (I'm headcanoning him as asexual aromantic, is there a basis for it?) and Trollan is like my favorite emotionally-speaking given his backstory. 

If I had to point out something I'm having a hard time with, it would be the fact that sometimes it's hard to scroll up and down in the equip menu given how small the arrows are in the lists, and also if I could suggest an edit, I'd like it if there was a quick way to switch between character equip tabs instead of having to go back to the menu and select equip again every time I want to change a character's equipment. I also got an error message at the end of a dungeon (don't remember which one), but it fixed itself by closing and opening the app again. 

Anyway, really good job! The game is cute and entertaining and that's exactly what I want. Also the creatures met in casual encounters are really well-designed. :) 

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!  For the equipment screens, do you have the touchscreen controls turned on?  (You can turn them on from the Options menus).  Once you turn these controls on, you can use the buttons circled below to more easily navigate the equipment menus:

You have good feedback on switching between characters on the equipment screen.  I'll work on adding that feature.  Also, if you see the dungeon error again, if you let me know the details, I will hunt it down.

As for Balthor...  I intentionally left his preferences vague.  He does have his "faithful companion", Darius, but Echo intrigues him as well...  I did not want to make your standard male hero wins the good looking girl storyline :)