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On the print one, can the first two pages be combined do it is easily printable (I'm not selling this, just wanted my own hard copy?) Or just straight up PDFs, one "section" per page. . . .Just curious. 

If you mean to make it double-sided then yeah, that's what it's made for. If not I'm not sure what you mean, sorry.

I was trying to print it so it comes out as a zine but the first two pages are different and the print version doesn’t have the cover. Sorry. I was vague. My bad. 

Oh! Yeah okay so when I made the actual print zines, I made the covers out of the pages of old sci-fi novels and then printed out those 3 pages for the inside, so a cover would be an entirely different piece of paper, which you’re welcome to print out if you want. Does that make sense?

Yep. Just got mine and it is sweet. Alllll good.