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is there a way to lower the video settings?

having trouble running the game   :<

Unfortunately, no. I made this game in a week, so that wasn't something I had time to do. I'll make a point to do that in a future update, but it could be a while, as I'm working on some other projects currently. I apologize! Hopefully you can find a way to play it, or at least enjoy a video of someone else playing it for the time being. I recommend the video on my page for entertainment purposes, but for story, I highly recommend watching JayskiBean's playthrough, and reading my comment on it. Thanks for reaching out!

It's ok c:

Thanks for the response tho <3

I really like experiencing things for myself, if it's something I'm really interested in, so I'll probably wait. I played for a while and the ambiance is really good, even though it stuttered TOO much to keep playing, and the motion blur was made unbearable by the low fps.