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Just finished getting all the bad and the worse endings. I'm not particularly good at completing games without a walkthrough so I'm pretty proud of myself.

I adore this game! The art, the animations, the innovative concept, the excellent execution, the polish and oomph, the character design, the colors, the music, the twists and surprises. . . . I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I am extremely impressed that your team got all this done within a mere month! Kudos to your team!

More than anything else, the message/theme of the game really shines through. I LOVE games that have a little more thought put into the choice mechanic, rather than the simpler affection-points type of system. The way you choose to communicate your message really makes perfect sense. You had me nodding along enthusiastically as I barrelled toward the (true) ending. <3

To sum it all up, thank you for making this wonderful game and sharing it with us. I'm waiting with bated breath for any future games that this team might release!

This comment really made our day! Thank you for all your kind words and we are so glad you had a good experience playing our game. It's so cool that you played through all the endings - we love it when people %100 Order a Pizza.

We tried to do something different with the VN format and it is very encouraging that people are enjoying it.

Thanks again for this comment and for the reply on our LemmaSoft thread. We are hard at work on a much bigger game and it is so motivating to hear that you want to see more from us.