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  • XP cards have no action, but have a verb "explore". Would make more sense to be a noun like "loot", "treasure", "a gem" - you can't do anything with a gem
  • XP for buying could be shown closer to the shop or even in the shop. I didn't have difficulty finding it, but playing on large resolution asks for additional eye movement. Same for "Stop doing actions/Stop buying cards/..." button which could be below your hand/the text that tells you what to do. Could even be next to that text as "Done"
  • I couldn't understand how to "use" dungeon cards. Tried to use trash altar while in buy mode which didn't work - I had nothing in hand and wanted to trash Explore 1 gems. Died from hunger because didn't know I had to use Stairs to get down
  • Bread as food doesn't cure hunger - that might not sound like a good name for mechanic.
    Hunger is brutal, I couldn't finish off two rats
  • Don't call human boring - it makes me feel like that is a bad option and that I have less good options to start with, meaning less perceived content.
  • Hunger in help menu should mention that if I can't reveal any _dungeon_ cards.
    Why can't I descend stairs after buying something?
  • Satchel feels like a powerful item but places a great pressure on remembering what you have in the deck. Not sure I want it at the start of the game.
  • After 5 attempts I now see that Stairs require 3 xp to advance. At first it seemed like I need to reveal all dungeon cards, then that I needed to kill all enemies and the other time I thought I couldn't advance because I bought something, but in reality I just didn't have that 3XP.
  • 3 easy enemy encounter did not spawn anything in 2nd level of goblin dungeon
    King Goblin didn't seem to summon anything sometimes. 
  • Rogue seems to have very little heal. Fighter has no real mechanic for revealing dungeon cards - maybe it could have a skill that does "Storm in - deal 1 damage to everything that will be spawned in this room", yet again, that is solely dependant on guessing.
  • Using two gloves at the same time does unexpected thing - first one does 2x effect and then second one does another 2x on another card. I'd expect first glove to double second glove and then execute ONE card with 4x effect. Or don't allow selecting glove to chain at all. Having no undo button this wastes additional glove if there are no actionable cards.
  • Blue XP book still says +1 Buy even though I didn't notice that mechanic apparent. Good job of getting rid of it. Now that book is useless - XP boost or +1 Action would be nicer, since it's very expensive.
  • Won the game with Human Fighter against goblins. Game got easier when I bough Glove. Discarded many level1 gems, before getting enough of level2, but managed to survive. Used a lot of Satchels as that basically is a free random card. Lots of axes. Bough longsword only when fighting against boss, had a chance to use it with Glove.Anything with +1 Action gets boosted a lot with Glove. Did final boss encounter not increase hunger?
  • Didn't really care for dungeon cards on top right, but maybe that would help in more advanced runs. Didn't bother me either. Couldn't tell at which dungeon level I was though and how much of it was left.
  • Art is adorable 10/10, except for trash altar. Instantly broke immersion 0/10.

I haven't played last DD, but played before it. These are my observations:

  • Shop randomisation is nice - keeps some valuable cards hidden behind RNG and limits going full bread or axes.
  • I like that there are classes and it seems like it's a good thing to separate good cards with OP synergies like Bread and Glove
  • Didn't really feel race impact, although tried to play all permutations. Deeper insightful description of them could be a better guide for starting the game and making informed choice.