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Hi! I was very positively impressed by your game. I've played through the demo, and I really enjoyed how you keep in contact with Nainai and heed her suggestions (or not, it's nice you have freedom of choice in how you cook).

Also, given the setting, it has a very tangible bittersweet quality, because you just know that the pandemic and lockdowns are going to happen and alter their relationship, there are already hints in the message exchange. As an Italian, I can relate, at least to a degree.

I am also a game localizer, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity of translating your game into Italian, should you be interested. I have the feeling this game would spark an interest in many Italian gamers, exactly because of its themes, and it would be lovely to make it known to a wider audience.

Whatever your reply might be, I wish you luck with the game's development, and I hope the final release will happen soon!

Thank you!