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been playing this a lot recently =] it's very relaxing, but i'm also having some trouble... i had a roach surrounded by hundreds of locust corpses and it still went extinct - meanwhile locusts seem to be able to survive to reproducing age on nothing but air, despite the planet being covered with air combs =[ not sure what's going on with that

also, some of the logs seem to be a little broken - text going outside the bounds of the box, "\n"being visble, and a couple of typos here and there

lastly... if you ever plan on updating this in the future, would it be possible to add something like a "creative" mode? i'd love to be able to more freely experiment with different synergies without having to use a meteor and hoping the space doesn't get colonised by the neighbouring plants in the meantime =]


Ahh the logs keeps being a bit of a thorn in my side heheh... do you happen to remember which logs are broken? I suppose I better just make sure i reread all of them.

Creative mode is an interesting idea - and one im certainly amenable to. What would it entail? Infinite interventions and no random events?

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Yes, I have a lot of problems with locusts too. Even if you put special effort into killing them, their corpses litter the entire map (keeping any other bugs from reaching the food below) and they reproduce as they die. In a future update it would be nice if creature and fungus parameters such as breeding rate could be customised (or perhaps even if certain creatures could be disabled - 'no locust world').