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Moth Tolias

A member registered May 10, 2016

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very nice! got to 3xbi and couldn't work out how to proceed, but really good stuff. could do with a reset button so you don't have to switch between levels when you want to clear the board and start over, but that's pretty minor.

hi =] i hope you don't mind me asking, but what happened to super benbo quest? i was really hoping to purchase a copy now that i've got some money, but it's not on your profile anymore and the old link i had gives a 404

if you'd rather talk in private or something, i can send you my email

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this was pretty excellent, a great followup to parsnip! trixie is delightful, i can definitely see a lot of myself in her =] still some typos and whatnot in a few places but that's to be expected with such a large amount of text.

the music is fantastic! i really like the way each character has their own variation [parsnip's character remains a blessing on my life, aha]

while i do think i preferred the previous game's artstyle, having to scale down to something easier to make is completely understandable and honestly it's still really good.

one thing i will say though is that bell's route seemed to be a lot more fleshed out compared to heidi's or gregg's [the latter of which had some stuff that quite broke the immersion for me, though i'll not spoil it here] - though perhaps this was just due to me playing bell's route first and using the skip function on the others.

i really appreciate the reveal of how bell and LeRose are queer =] absolutely looking forward to playing the next installment!

i didn't have a problem with the colour of the text myself - in fact, i think making it grey would make it significantly harder to read

hiya! i bought your other games in the sale, but figured i'd play this one first to get myself up to speed =] it's very charming!

i had a lot of trouble getting it to start [i think it and the app just don't play well together for some reason?], so i was worried at first that audio was broken since there was no music [certain endings aside], but i guess it's a stylistic choice? some of the sound effects really varied in volume though [the background ambience of birds was next to inaudible, for example] - you might want to reexamine the levels if you ever return to this

the art is absolutely beautiful, really lovely to see!

it did seem a little sluggish and slow to respond to input, but i guess that's probably some limitation of the engine

some of  the apostrophes got replaced by question marks, which was kind of distracting; i really liked that one gag with LeRose's speech though, haha! i just wish i could have seen the whole thing

also parsnip is such a blessed sweetheart. i love him

very excited to be moving on to your next titles!

been playing this a lot recently =] it's very relaxing, but i'm also having some trouble... i had a roach surrounded by hundreds of locust corpses and it still went extinct - meanwhile locusts seem to be able to survive to reproducing age on nothing but air, despite the planet being covered with air combs =[ not sure what's going on with that

also, some of the logs seem to be a little broken - text going outside the bounds of the box, "\n"being visble, and a couple of typos here and there

lastly... if you ever plan on updating this in the future, would it be possible to add something like a "creative" mode? i'd love to be able to more freely experiment with different synergies without having to use a meteor and hoping the space doesn't get colonised by the neighbouring plants in the meantime =]

i played this and a few of your other games with my girlfriend after watching vinny vinesauce play it on stream. your work is fantastic and honestly inspiring, seriously. thank you for making these.

it seems that this isn't labled as compatible with windows? the itch client doesn't recognise it as such, anyway

aw, i missed out... guess i still have to save up for this one =p

really interesting! the mouse tends to die before very long though and that really kills the experience

hi zandra - my birthday's coming up soon; are print copies still available?

hm, doesn't seem to start up for me? it's just waiting at a blank screen

is there a limit to the amount of rings you can get? i can't seem to place nodes on this latest ring.

why are you using hazel cricket's avatar?

it's impossible to fullscreen without making the image distorted?

absolutely amazing! would love to see a full game of this.

the game crashes when i press x, but this was incredibly good and i love it a whole lot. it's really sweet and the wierd, haunting, surreal vibe resonates with me amazingly. the way i got the good ending the first time was a bit unexpected, but this is probably one of my favourite games of this year.

to anyone who plays this after me: don't worry about locking yourself out of the endings. any time it's possible to save you can still change what happens.

think along the lines of the mario 64 bowser fights

think along the lines of the mario 64 bowser fights

you might want to check your metadata for compatability

this and exploding bees don't seem to work in the sandbox...

this was really fun

seems like there's an issue when you're running it from the app though. did you make sure to tick all the right boxes when you uploaded it?

what does "priming" do when the power is out? it looks like it can only push a couple of pixels per minute, and only in one direction, unless i'm understanding it wrong