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this was really fun. a little tight on ammo at times, but the stage design was really pretty and the flow was just immaculate. excellent stuff

zero scares, just frustration.

i'd be very surprised if linux support didn't happen this year.

a curious memory.

it hurt my hands to play, but snake seemed delightful.

why would you want that? they're fine as they are

this is a very nice diversion, good work. the "indie" graphics setting got a chuckle out of me, lol


that genuinely explains a lot, thank you

this is fantastic work.

am i missing something, or is this game barely a minute long?

super cute!! 

i've played through this twice and i still don't get it at all. there doesn't seem to be any point in almost the entire house outside of flavour - which would be fine if that was the intention, but then why bother with the key? and why have a cow in the secret room? is this game /supposed/ to be a string of complete nonsequiturs? is there some kind of background information i'm supposed to know, or something?

also, trying to instantly walk back outside when you enter the ship softlocks you in the void.

my ears hurt. my eyes hurt. my hands hurt. my brain hurts. i live in fear of that one level with the big diagonal vampire. a masterpiece of destruction

so true

predictable but very entertaining.

...oh my fucking god i had to complete a captcha for this comment lmao

why not sell the revamped game here on itch? i for one would really rather not contribute to steam's monopoly.

this is delightful, thank you.

played for ages and nothing happened. maybe i'm just bad at it. pretty visuals, but i don't get it at all. sorry mia

looks like i was just impatient, sorry about that! it took a while to load but i can hear it now.

this is super cute, a delight!

an interesting little collection, this. nice work. the noise over the music in this part was very loud though

this was a really interesting experience, thank you. flawlessly written,  to the point where i'm half wondering if Janine was a real person.

my one complaint is that the javascript made my potato of a laptop overheat, but i suppose that's the cost of running video games in a browser these days...

this music player isn't working for me, i can't get it to load properly.

i don't understand what this is, but i like the atmosphere it has.

why is that?

(1 edit)

it was only at the end that i realized what the title meant. i think i might have audibly gasped - what an experience.

this is a fantastic work of art. it's so good. my only wish is that it could have lasted longer!

what did you update the licence to? i can't see it anywhere on this page.

a lovely little distraction =] ~40ish minutes for me.

if this ever gets updated, i'd love to be able to see the rate of increase [of increase... ect] - the effects of the final upgrade would probably be a sight to behold.

it's very disapointing to hear that this game is no longer available on itch. what was the reasoning behind taking it down?

interesting little story! is there any way to get any higher than "dawning understanding"?

hi, so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. that has fixed the issue entirely, thank you.

hi, this looks really neat! do you have any plans to make this open source, considering all the previous iterations have been so?

will the full release be available on itch? your website redirects to steam...

so the tutorial seems to work fine, but clicking the campaign results in a vivid blank magenta screen. also, the title screen mentions that you can turn off the glitch effect in the options menu, but all i see are volume options?

this looks quite interesting though, i'm interested to see where it goes.

doesn't seem to play nice with wine on linux, very jittery and sluggish =[

it should be possible to programmatically recolour as desired on the fly, though obviously that would be a lot more complicated

this looks really really neat! is there any chance of it being ported to linux?

was passing by and was astounded at how pretty this game is. i don't suppose that a linux version would be at all possible?

this looks really neat! is there any possibility of a linux port?

this looks really interesting! i don't suppose there's any chance of a linux version?

this looks super cute! is there any chance of a linux port?