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Very nice! The music really helps set the time period and the mood, and I love the story idea: late night chats with Lucy and Dracula. I wish I could have chosen Jonathan for a different ending.
Just a couple humble critiques. First, I didn't care for the sprites (merely a matter of personal taste). A bit more of an art deco look would have been really cool and made the time period more evident. I did love the nice 20s touches in the background, like the Metropolis movie poster. Second, I think it would benefit from one more proofread and play test. I haven't tried all the choices (like another poster, I just had to choose Honesty, lol), but after I selected Deny, the Speak the Truth option appeared at the TOP of the screen for me. Also, there are a few spelling/punctuation mistakes, like 'someway' instead of 'some way'. And I know this was done for a game jam, so there was limited time.
Anyway, great game regardless, and deserving of the win!

Thanks so much for the comment! I haven't touched it since the jam but I'll see about making some time to take another look at it!