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Hello Sohamsam! You need to break the big monster's magic seal by starting a fire in three cups. (ps: I'm not sure if I can call this object a cup, but you can see what I'm talking about in the picture.)

Thanks ♥️

Have you managed it?

Yes... managed.. thnx

How to get the lotus for the guild quest in gibraltor??

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You can find the lotus flower in the 'bees’ field', before Gilbratar City and Flower Forest. Don't forget, it's a night quest.

Thanks..Got em!


I can't seem to find these cups.  Can you help please?

Sorry for the delay, I was on a trip! Have you solved it?

These cups are on the same floor where you've found the big monster.

thank you for the tip.  I've cleared that whole level and looked in every corner and still can't find them.  I've also cleared the level above and gone one more level up where Maze is waiting.  No cups anywhere for me :(  if they are hidden, they are hidden well.  help?

OMG! I'm uploading a new version right now. Can you join in Male Doll Discord? I think we can solve this quickly!

I joined discordapp… what do I do now?