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Hi jomeijackson.  Thanks for the bug report.  These are  useful.

1. This combine items issue is a new one.  I'll investigate further. 
2. I am working on the Dialogue System to use flags, but it is currently under-featured.  However, the Inventory System is clever enough to know not to add duplicates.
3. I'm currently trying to solve some pose issues in H scenes where arms and legs do things they really shouldn't :)
4. Not sure what you mean by "graphics do glitch".  Can you be more specific?

The game is not yet optimised so some lower end computers can struggle.

Kind regards,

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1. Just try random objects, it froze when I used the map and the hair band.

3. That's a skeletal issue in the pose, some how the axis is messed up on the teacher's pose. Did you create the assets or get them from the store?

4. The reflections sometimes vanish and I can see through certain objects.