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Awesome game! Great fun.
Also, how did you get a Unity project into an exe file? 

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Hi, thank you for playing our game! Glad you liked it :)

As for the '.exe', we basically created a self extracting executable. We tried to use 7z ,as it is free (as in freedom) software, but it was a bit hard to get it working so we ended up using winrar, as suggested by this guide. For Linux we used

Finally, we couldn't find a way to do this for macOS so we just went with the zip file. Probably it didn't make sense to make an installable '.dmg' just for a demo.


Many thanks for sharing. Well worth the effort, it is definitely more user-friendly than the default Unity folder structure. Best wishes for your game.


I heard good things about Inno Setup, it's also completely free.

Inno Setup seemed great but, as far as we could understand, it was designed to create installers and we wanted our .exe file to simply run the game without any installation process.

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Ah Okay, the only issue I had with your exe file was, my antivirus literally screamed and advised to destroy your file immediately. It may scare some people off. ^^

(I don't have any anti virus at all. I use the standard windows defender.)