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good game but I wonder if there is an alternative ending availlable, besides the normal default ending after night 4?

There is no alternate ending available, sadly. I wish we had more time to actually implement something like that :)

Hey, thanks!

Right now the extra playthroughs are mainly for exploring all the items and for the optional "Speedrun-Mode" (you can enable it in the settings) to do some quick restarts with all the Items enabled.

Early in development we actually wanted the "night-cycle" to be beatable but we scrapped that idea becouse of time and balance problems. We wanted the game to be beatable by anyone without beeing too punishing for mistakes

so actually I could just ignore the store, never buy anything and just do the 4 nights normally.
and still win :-(

Yes, but thats no fun, is it? :D

We might consider adding another incentive for beating the game in a set time later (would take some time though)