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for runey ... I found a bug in your game. exactly after waking up, when I asked Lin or Android to wake me up. there's a glitch ... when I play it on my cellphone. I don't know if my cellphone specifications are lacking or how ... but when I played it besides the bug ... everything went smoothly ... I hope I can send my screenshoot to you, but I don't know how ... I hope this bug can be fix it right away ... and hope your game will grow and I can go back to being your patheron .. (i use google translete)

So, what is the bug?

black background of several characters like times, emma and some characters during dialogue and broken movements when I asked alice & lin woke me up ... I'll try sending the picture. hopefully in the future your game will have graphics settings for the PC version and the mobile version.

For this pict... Have glitch moves

and this...

Thanks, this should be fixed in v0.6.2, and if not, will be fixed in v0.7.