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This game is in desperate need of a help button. I spent way to long on the game puzzle, while I FULLY admit that it was my fault, I quickly overthought the puzzle, trying 01 02 ect trying to pick the correct game, then wondering if i am supposed to spell words using numbers and so on. When I finnally figured it out, I facepalmed so hard. 

So I am at the elevator one now....and stuck. The button 2 line is tripping me up, as I can't figure out what it means and I've tried the obvious. Of course, it could be something else like the serial numbers or something, idk.

Having a hint button to give vague hints that get less vague the more you use it would be nice, as long as it is opt-in to respect the people that don't want them.

Hey Shiki, thank you for playing and for your feedback. 

For any difficulty or necessity you can reach us and the game community on our Discord server:

If you have more feedbacks or ideas for create a better experience with file://maniac, please let us know trough the apposite goggle form:

Born Frustrated Studio

Watchout, guys. You pasted the edit URL.

Cheers for such an awesome game!
I think it would be beneficial double-checking the instructions and fool-proofing them. In the Skulls Puzzle, what I tried to do was changing the skulls' names and not the ID number, and with the Elevator Puzzle was kinda confused if I should delete the button or not (I think it was my bad since the "remove" instruction was for the red wire, so bummer) and didn't understand what you meant by serial number, the whole two digits, the first one...? So, either allow more options to solve the same puzzle through different ways or fool-proof the instructions.

Anyways, congratulations, it's such an awesome short game and I hope it serves as a proof of concept for something longer. <3
Gonna recommend to my friends!