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Hi ! Thanks for playing our game :)

you just showed us two bugs ^^ one that you don't even see but that ruins a part of the scenarisation and the other one bigger a lot that doesn't let you finish the game..

First the one when the robot attaks you, you shoudln't be able to do that jump, if you survive enough, the robot will unwillingly open you a path to where you went.

Second one that is bigger, when falling in the box, you should trigger the event for the next part, unfortunately you finish inside the wall and i guess it causes the problem.. I imagine it is related to the fact that you go left after falling in the box.. I never tried that, so I guess there is a collision problem here, if you go right while falling (or normally not touching anything), it shouldn't have any trouble.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for trying :)

Nice work and thanks for the response :)