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Keep them coming. 4/5

Looks so great... Can I run this on 1060 6GB GPU?

Really Nice Game. Make more 24Hour Game They are so cool. :) 4/5

Waiting. :))

That was bit challenging but so cool, can't wait for more. Optimize the game in the next update please! 5/5

Thank you so much for this great game 4/5

Creepy I like that. :) 5/5

Played this Last year. 

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Another Awesome Game.. Thanks a lot! 5/5

Epic but really short. :( 4/5

Thank you for such a nice experience. 4/5

Dropping frames on 1060 6GB... Maybe optimize the game a bit or add graphics settings?

That was challenging I like that. 5/5

.rar or 7zip?

Played the game, I love the idea but I want you to optimize the game because I was facing low fps at some point. Also the map is dark at some point. It will be great will you apply this game concept inside a house. That will be insane in my opinion. :)

I will take a look. :) 

Very Interesting Game. Can't Wait For The Full!

This game is Epic I can't wait for the new update. 5/5

Thanks. :)

That was Cool. 5/5 :)

Can you share this font name you used in the banner? is it free to use?

Epic Game wow 5/5

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R.I.P :((((

Unfollowing then. :( 

Waiting for new chapters. :) 4/5

Already played the Granny Remake New Update. :)

Any news about this game??

Epic. 5/5

Cool 4/5

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I think it's bit expensive not* sure but the game looks cool. :) ?/5 Can't rate without playing this masterpiece. :) 

Looks Promising!

 Pc Version????

Amazing but the POV is bit zoomed in. 4/5

Can't wait for your new masterpiece. :) 

This game is Dope but too short. 4/5

Thanks for you efforts. :) 

Another Epic Game. 4/5 Please Increase the POV it's too much zoomed in.

It's okay and also I played your another game.... Video is coming soon

The Bad thing about your next game is POV is too zoom in. It destroyed the whole experience. :( 

I wasted so much time. :( 

Chapter 2 is cool 5/5

SO nice of you but not sure how to get Ending E I tried a lot but no success. :( 

Such an awesome game I really want to see more. 5/5

Done Both Normal and Nightmare. 4/5