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As I said, Ryen is a much better king than the original one would have been as the bloodline heir was a selfish brat and Ryen is a king who goes out of his way to personally help his people and even foreign people, he is a king but he barely stays at his castle as he spends most of his time to travel around the world and help whoever he can.

Trey, the head of the royal guard, himself told to Ryen that he is aware that he is an impostor but he recognizes him as the true king since he truly cares about his people. Moreover, if it was not for Ryen, the nobles families would have caused civil war in the kingdom as if they knew that the royal bloodline was extinguished, they all would claim the throne and war each other for supremacy. Ryen, with his trick, backed up by Trey, saved the kingdom from a civil war which would have torn the country apart.

You claim that this doesn't fit my viewpoint but you obviously are totally wrong about me since you seem to think that I am zealous about morals just because I told that I disliked being a jerk in your game, I never talked about morals, from the beginning I talked about respect for women.

My viewpoint is the same as Trey, I approve of Ryen as the true king as he cares about his people and does his best to make everyone happy, actions matter way more than bloodline to me.

And which wars are you talking about exactly? I didn't carry any war, it is even the opposite, I have improved Central relationships with other countries and everyone likes Central, no one wants to attack my kingdom as I am not hostile to anyone. If you "carried out unjustified wars", then it was the result of your behavior, it happened only because people didn't like you, when I am the one in control of Ryen, he is kind-hearted so everyone likes him and no one wants to attack him nor his kingdom, I didn't experiment any war. This is what I talked about, in Renryuu, the player is really in control, the heroes is how the player wants him to be, the player has real freedom to experiment the game how they want, as opposite to your heroes you arbitrary gave a static personality and didn't give a chance to the player to give their own personality to the heroes, so only players who like your heroes personality can actually enjoy being him as they don't have the freedom to make the heroes how they want him to be, this is why I am talking about static personality as opposite to dynamic personality that Ryen has.

Having sex with women under false prentense, what do you mean?

Yes, Ryen has sex with his servants, and with their consent, he never forces himself on any of his servants, he doesn't need to since he is such a sweet man that they all want him, they actually are the ones requesting his affection, which he gladly offers. And when Ryen has sex, he truly cares about the woman/women and their pleasure, not just his own, nothing like your jerk who sees women as toys.

Of course Ryen kills, he is a warrior after all, but he never kills if he has a choice. At least not when I am the one in control of him.

There is no inconsistency in my viewpoint since you pointed things not related to my concern. You pointed lying about his identity in order to change his life and get a fresh start, having sex with his servants and killing while I didn't mention any of these things in my concern about your game. From the beginning, I have always said that I disliked your game because I disliked being the prick that you force on the player as you don't give to the player the freedom to give their own personality to the heroes, and to be more specific, what I dislike about your jerk is how he treats women. You adviced me to reflect on why I am okay with Renryuu but not with Harem Collector. I don't need to since I already know and I already told, the answer is because Ryen is nice to women while your heroes is a selfish prick. Now I return you the advice to maybe reflect on why Ryen seems to be a sweetheart when I am the one in control of him and an asshole when you are the one in control of him.