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I would have loved to do so, Unfortunately as it stands the engine I used (RPG maker VX ace) can only produce executables that are strictly Windows-Only. (Apparently it runs in WINE on Linux but I can't test that) something I figured out way too deep into the production of the game. I'm currently experimenting with an updated engine that can export to Mac and Linux, but it looks like 'porting' will be simply impossible due to script and resolution dependency. I have been toying with the thought of remaking the game there. But the original took well over 4 years to develop so it would not be any time soon.

I'm sorry!

Thats okay! Gladly i've figured out too that you can use it with Wine.. But sometimes it crashes!

Emulation definitely isn't the most stable option, I kind of wish I had realized the limitations of the engine a bit earlier but all I can do is learn from my mistakes. In the future I will certainly make sure to check my game on other OSes every now and then as I would like for my games to be compatible with more than just one system. I really was a naive child back when I started~