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Hi there! I just played the demo and I loved it! I love those creepy elements with the somewhat otome atmosphere. 

Personally I loved all that tense moments and the misteries that every character has. When will the full game release? I'm really curious since I enjoyed a lot this game.

I personally loved Lioji! I fell in love with this character when I first saw it. I' m also interested in that boy that is always hurt o___o. I don't know if there will be a route for them, but I hope there will be. 

Anyways, hope that you didn't give up on this project! It is frequent that these kind of projects get abandoned, and it's a shame since this have so potential.


Hi hi, thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm glad to have released a demo, because there is a lot I need to improve. The community inspired me on many levels.

I didn't think Lioji would be so outstanding xD Although, I did my best to give every side character an unique role. They aren't a decoration. 

In the full project everything will be fleshed out. You will explore deeper and find links between the routes. Yes, I'm still working on it! The process may be slow, but it's always moving forward. Two and a half months until the anniversary of the first release. I think it would be fun if I release the full version exact one year after the demo.

Thank you again for the support!