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Just played the demo.

This is great.  Congratulations !

The gameplay is brillant, easy to understand, minimalist yet well rounded, it works perfectly with the fast pace of the game (I mean, I think it is fast-paced for a strategy game imho).

The visuals are gorgeous. It reminds me of the Macintosh Classic of my childhood !

Maybe you should consider a Mac version, there is clearly nostalgia involved here [to be clear, I'm not a Mac user].

Sorry to say but I think that the background music for battles is annoying, it... just loops too much :|

That being said the soundtrack itself is good, very consistent with the visuals, efficients sfx...

I'd love to have an option to change the keys (I'm on a french azerty keyboard and the 'q' 'w' 'e' setting is not very convenient here...).


Thanks for the detailed feedback. We're already working on the Mac version and the addition of new combat music.
Special thanks for the feedback about azerty-keyboard, this is a surprise for us. :)