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Hi! I downloaded The Letter on the Apple AppStore the other day, and I bought the full version a few days later. So far, I'm loving the game!

But, may I know if the mobile version on the iPhone will be updated anytime soon? Whenever I try to flip to the next page of the journals, it hangs and I can no longer access the journal pages and the profiles. 

Is there also any way for me to play this game on the PC (specifically, a Mac) even though I bought the mobile version? I've paid for the full version mobile game, but I would like to experience it on the PC instead. However, I do not think I can afford to buy the PC version after paying more for the mobile version. 

Hi Valsya! Please send us a screenshot of your game's main menu to We need to check your Player ID in order to verify your purchase. Once we've confirmed it, we will send you a complimentary or Steam key (whichever you prefer). 

We will also update The Letter iOS in the near future. :)


Thank you so much for responding to my comment and for trying to help me out with the issue. I have just sent you the email. I look forward to the key (which you are so kind to offer) and the possible mobile update. :D