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Some interface suggestions from an Android user:

Move the block description button ('?') to the bottom right (currently it is top right and frequently gets confused for a 'close' button)

Change turrets in some way to indicate the fuel type. Uniform color schemes/shapes/central indicator pixel?

Some way to cancel drag construction before placement. Maybe a dynamic cancel button somewhere on screen.

Menu option to adjust 'hold deconstruct' time.

Menu option to reduce particles in battle and avoid lag spikes.

Show how many of a block can be built with current resources.

Thank you for this game!


My brothers and I were playing Desolate Rift and every attack from the enemy, the fps drops from 30 to 7.


what phone/internet are you using to get 2ms with 278 enemies



a lan over the wifi game

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We're using mobile hotspot.

And about the number of enemies... 278 is a small number.. sometimes 800+ would spawn.. but they are weak tho.. well, except for the huge ones

I made a map that pretty much gives a challenge

has ~500 units at wave 40 with some big bois

That's awesome dude :D

you can cancel drag wit just randomly taping with another finger\