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Can u please add more PvP maps? Thanks!

Don't get confused by the description of the block. Read further bro. U can see the input.

That's awesome dude :D

Dirium was removed starting from the v4 update.

You can't do it without the command center (it was removed from previous updates)

All you can do is watch them roam around like idiots and drown themselves on water.

How about adding the Dirium?

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We're using mobile hotspot.

And about the number of enemies... 278 is a small number.. sometimes 800+ would spawn.. but they are weak tho.. well, except for the huge ones

My brothers and I were playing Desolate Rift and every attack from the enemy, the fps drops from 30 to 7.

I really love the game! But please add the command center again..

Also, I think the Impact reactor is inefficient.. It requires a huge amount of cryo fluid (the set-up for it takes a huge space) plus the material for needed for it to run is a bit troublesome to make as it takes multiple process. Please developer, do something about this.. 

What do you think guys?