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Man, writing a comment on this without spoiling anyone who sees it is gonna be tough.

I did really enjoy the concept and execution! Poor [redacted], I'm glad he took the revelations and stuff more levelheadedly than [redAAA] or [reDDD], he's becoming my favourite example of characters who [---------]. The drawings are done in a very soothing style, too. It was nice looking at the extra cgs and seeing how they had developed over the years.

But you mention in the comments below that you're planning on polishing the game at some point? In which case, I have two suggestions. Maybe, after [------} starts happening, it would be better to simply revert to the title screen, at least some of the time? Repeatedly being exited out of the game over the course of the 45 minutes it took to play took the sting away fairly quickly.

The second suggestion is related to the music. I didn't see any music credits in the... well, credits section, so I hope none of the team takes this personally, but... It was honestly kind of hard getting into the game due to the low music quality. Perhaps you should look into copyright-free music for the remake, or maybe even ask friends/colleagues for help? Having bubbly but wellmade music might help the mood whiplashes get across stronger, imo.

But overall, I did enjoy this and look forward to hearing more about the updated version! Maybe I'll convince some friends to play it or at least show it to them, who knows~