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Thanks for your reply (which answered my question) and for fixing so many of the problems I was having. I like the new level of difficulty better; it's still pretty hard (especially without Aika's nuclear option, the yuki musume can be devastating with their hit and run attacks), but not crazy hard, and it's a lot more manageable with the ability to replay previous levels working. I'm looking forward to playing this even more, though I think after this run I may start copying over save files.

Yuki Musume are even cuter than I remembered. Aww.

I like Aika's team attack ability (is that what it's called?), though it confused me the first time it happened. Is that new, or did I just never manage to do it before?

I have played through Chapter 1 again and have assembled another short list of issues...

  • School nurse might benefit from a different dialog line if the cost of healing is 0?
  • The options to skip some of the cutscenes are gone? I did not pay close attention to which ones were missing, but it seemed to be most of the pre- and post-battle ones... Was it on purpose? That's fair enough if it was.
  • Aika walks through a wall during post-baths cutscene
  • The clothes you're wearing for the baths scene seem to get unequipped, but not actually removed from your inventory. Perhaps after unequipping the current clothes, remove 2 school uniforms so there's at least something to force you to try on different clothes and get back after the next level? Could get weird if they were already sold though.
  • The post-victory screen after replaying levels seems to be slightly glitchy? It sends you to the tower picture; the only way to get out of it seems to be to press Z, which opens the teleporter's menu, but if you cancel out of it, you go back where you were normally. This might be some kind of user error, but if it's not, a fix would be appreciated.
  • Worst bug: The game gets totally stuck in the evil interlude after the freezer, preventing me from actually seeing chapter 2 by any means I can think of. Looked like one silhouette (middle of bottom group) tried to walk through another one (top of bottom group) and got stuck? It's right as the president walks in. I'm going to try to import my save from the previous demo or something if possible, but I don't remember finding a point to save after the freezer. (I don't really blame you for this one; I've worked with RPG Maker before and these can be easy to do. I can provide my save file and/or game install if it's not happening for you. :/ )
  • Edit: And another one. If you skip the opening narration using the provided option, the game goes to a black screen and never fades back. You have Aika and Shizuka with all their starting gear and items, but I have no idea what room you get placed in and I can't find anything to interact with.
  • Lots of typos, none of which are bad enough to make the intended meaning indecipherable but I figure it might help you to have a list.
    • 'Many call it the ilsand of witches': island
    • 'Within the islander's daily lives': islanders'
    • 'Why mother enrolled here': probably should be 'enrolled me here' unless she's just following in her footsteps
    • 'weaponor a suit of armor': weapon or
    • 'You can books and grimoires': buy
    • 'Grimoire?' (on the very next line): grimoires?
    • 'Reading will ingrave': engrave, or inscribe
    • 'I refuse to loose our bet': lose
    • 'It apparently costly to keep patching up after battles': it is; 'us up' or 'up students' or 'students up'
    • Pirats of the Caribean: If you're going for Caribbean, it has two Bs in it. If not (I thought pirats was a typo until I saw them), never mind.
    • 'anymore catfish showup': any more?, show up
    • 'We have pursue them!': have to
    • 'can always by some clothes': buy some
    • 'stole a student's clothes in bath': in the?
    • 'wear something warn': warm
    • 'According my deduction': to my
    • 'spell contrat is here': contract
    • 'for a hide out. Afterall': hideout?. after all
    • 'I'm that punched you': the one that

Is this a useful way to notify you? I can't see any other way but I'm new to itch.io.

Edit: Fixed typo in my own comment

Edit 2: Crossed out all the things I could easily confirm as fixed. I'm on Chapter 2 now.