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That's great to hear! Actually, you did a really excellent job of trying to figure it out. Most people don't even notice the pregnancy test, and then have no idea what's going on. You figured most of it out, and I don't remember you saying anything that wasn't correct. You even figured out the easter egg. Really, all that's left is to try to put together the pieces in a specific order that tells the story. It's pretty linear, so once you line it up, it should come to you. It may help to know that it's you in the tub, and you're telling yourself "You know that you deserve this". Hopefully all of that should spark some ideas. If you have any more questions, or if you think you figure it out, I'm happy to talk through it with you. And that was a really strange glitch at the end that I haven't seen happen to anyone else. Not sure why that happened, but I'll look into it. Thanks so much for playing! Lastly, I just wanted to say that your thumbnail for the video is very well designed, and is the best I've seen yet!