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i change the name folders of windows versions for fis this issue with the app

It installs just fine, sort of?
I mean, it actually lets me install it now though the app, but…

This is… strange, because I even used the URL that created when I bought the game…
When I checked the folder the game was installed into, there was no executable file.
I downloaded manually, thinking you may have accidentally packaged the Linux version, but… no. The manual download has a Windows executable file.

I'm not sure this can be fixed on your end at all, so I used the issue report feature of the desktop app to send itch the information.
If you are able to fix it, let me know, if you can't, I'll wait to see if itch messages me to resolve the issue.
If there is no response from itch, I guess I'll just use the manual install.

This looks like a kind of bug in app

Yeah, it does. Hence why I sent them the issue report.
I'll play the game after I find out if itch can fix it (the bug in the app) or not.