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First of all, I'm shocked and appalled at myself for not playing the first game in this series! No idea how I missed it!

Second of all, am I glad I played this! One of the more unique gaming experiences I've stumbled upon lately.

The random generation and unpredictability of the mall / dungeon worlds morphing around our heroic old gramps really do make for a different experience every time. None of those times resulted in victory for me, sadly, but I'm going to keep on trying until I finally escape the nightmare of commercialism! I mean... the horrible dungeon.

If you're looking for something to blast away a half hour or so of a day with shopping / smiting shenanigans, then look no further than this little gem of a game! Just don't expect to beat it on your first attempt (and please don't tell me if you do, I'm still suffering the trauma of being annihilated on Level 10).

Keep up the awesome work, this was super fun =)