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Sootface, I can only get 1 scene unlocked for Lola...

That's unusual. The demo is fairly short. Do you mind if you could do the whole game again and see if it still doesn't unlock?

Yeah, again I did and nothing else unlocked. Perhaps there's something after the prologue that I didn't get to? (I didn't do anything after the prologue, because nothing happened, as I'm guessing is supposed to happen.) I hope this helps you make your game!

Have you tried sleeping and then coming back to the cafe?

No, I have not. When I go back to Satoshi's room, I can't do anything. I've tried clicking the bed, and it still won't work. Am I doing it wrong?

I tried playing it today and I was able to unlock both scenes for Lola. Have you finished the dream scene for Lola?

No, I haven't. I don't know what the dream scene is...