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Hey there. I recently played this game and I have a few pros and cons for you:

Pros: Interesting concept in collecting items as an objective, I like the humor - such as the evil duck and the the troll ending - the environment is creepy, has a good color scheme, and I like the map because it's challenging.

Cons: the controls need to be worked out a bit better because I was using my mouse to turn the camera and it was not registering well. The boat mechanics should be fixed because it drifts and turns on it's own, it's very slow to turn, maybe add a way to regain some health, and  maybe install a way to defend ourselves from the duck (unless i missed how to do that, then my bad).

Overall, not a bad little game. Simple, hilarious, has an objective, and can be a fun little pass time. Nicely done over all.

I made a video for it on my channel as well along with another little horror game in the beginning:

Thanks for the feedback and checking out the game. I think I'll add a mouse sensitivity slider in the next update so it's customizable (you can regain health by collecting ducks by the way). For dealing with the goose, the flashlight is key (be sure to power it up).