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Just great! Well designed game, art, controls, audio, very well done. It reminded me of Earthworm Jim 2.

Haha thanks, getting the details on the boat definitely took a while. I wanted the engine to be as far down as possible, so I ended up replacing the shower with the engine  :^)

Nice! I thought the water physics were impressive.

The atmosphere of this game is amazing. At first I was a bit lost, so I just started rolling towards the mountains and eventually made it to the hovering sphere hub. Very cool experience, and it was relaxing with the great music. Really different from any other ball physics games I've played. I'm surprised this project hasn't gotten more attention yet. Great job so far and I look forward to buying the final version.

Thanks for playing!

Sure, I'll probably give the game an update and submit it to the contest. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for the feedback and checking out the game. I think I'll add a mouse sensitivity slider in the next update so it's customizable (you can regain health by collecting ducks by the way). For dealing with the goose, the flashlight is key (be sure to power it up).

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Thanks for checking it out! Glad you liked the ending. In your run you didn't run into the goose for a while, I haven't seen a playthrough quite like that yet. Interesting to see.

Haha, thanks for playing and giving your feedback, glad you had fun with it. Nice editing in your video by the way.