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This game is interesting. It has good ideas but also bad ideas.

Good ideas : - Ennemis which can kill you only with their eye

                             - Barrel system

                             - Oxygen system


Bad ideas :  - You didn't explain anything to the player at the start,it's unfortunate. For example, I didn't know that interaction touch was E and not Enter or Space.

                          - Long text during a timer

                         - Gameover when you've been hit 1 time, also frustrating

                         -  I think you should display lasers next to the ennemies to see clearly where they are aiming because it's not always very clear.

                          - It's difficult to move barrels correctly when there is a wall next to it. And when we fail, we have to reset everything, it's a bit frustrating

Anyways, this was interesting to play, the mood and atmosphere are nice, graphics and music are cool too. And also the theme is used.

Nice job ^^


Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate it. Design could've been better but we had some issues in the team where people didn't have enough time. We'll take everything into consideration for next project!