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Thank you! <3 Haha, yeah, I gotta admit, they can be pretty addicting! What games are you enjoying so far, if I may ask?

Ah, really? :o If I remember correctly, I got all of them from Sinakhai's soundcloud! I did have placeholder music before, but I believe I had already replaced all of those (as I like uniformity in quality, haha). If it's not too much trouble, can you please tell me which soundtrack you were trying to look for? (Like, even the scene where it played, or something?)

Thank you for your comment!

Deleted 2 years ago

Quickly?! *gasp* But I... I... replied late. :(

Omg. I checked it out, and you're right! There are a couple of songs that I still hadn't replaced! I'm glad you noticed it!

(See, the way I organize resources is by categories, and then by artists/musicians, but since I change filenames in-game to make the coding process easier, I mess up 'which belongs to whom' sometimes. I checked the tracks out and it seems like they're from this site which also offers free BGMs. I'll be more careful next time and thank you so much for the heads up!)

Edited the credits. :)