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I am writing this as I go, so there might be multiple comments.

First of all, this game is right up my alley. The age old stories of knights and magic, it always gets me excited. The art style is cool, I enjoy it very much, it gives me off quite a minimalist feel but not to the point where it feels too empty.

But I do find that at least, so far, the Tutorial section was very dark, even after I turned the brightness up & closed the curtains in my room.

As for gameplay:



  • I got a bit confused by the bow controls, I started mashing the LMB when it should have been RMB purely out of habit.
  • A bit more guidance to where your targets are? It took me a moment to see that the targets I had to shoot with the bow were underneath the pillars (cliffs)? I had jumped on.
  • I would love to see a, for a lack of better example, Witcher-esque target locking system? I found myself rolling in the opposite direction and hitting anywhere that wasn't the target.
  • The animations felt a bit...sluggish? Perhaps I'm just impatient + have the attention span of a goldfish. :D

What I liked:

  • Really, REALLY loving the whole teleporting "Arrow/Aron" thing. I feel like that could be a great mechanic for people who would like a more stealth based approach to their playthrough.
  • In general, the abilities really made me want to continue.

Alright, continuing to the level, will update this as I go, so I don't forget anything.

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The level:

The cave is really. Really dark. I ended up mashing F and using the Time Slowing Animation to understand my surroundings. I know now that the path I was supposed to go down was very well lit, so maybe it's just me being me, haha. Or maybe some more handholding is necessary, that's for you to decide. But once I got out into the light...

Hoo boy. I am in love with this art style. The colors are so vivid! I love how Aron's yellow undershirt pops out on the background of everything else. And while I was writing this, I a sunset happened in game and the red & purple haze are so cool. A 10000 heart emojis.

I was absolutely thrilled when the fighting started and I picked the goblins off one by one with my bow. Sadly I wasn't fast enough to save the knight  :(.

Another thing... I'm not entirely convinced by the voice actors. They seem to lack emotion in my opinon, then again from the snippets presented I haven't gotten a proper "feel" for the characters, so perhaps it's all fitting. We shall have to see.  I will def be following the development of this game and I am 100% this could be wonderful once it gets done.  Good luck!

P.S. When I have the sword equiped & am drinking a potion, during the animation, Aron's sword grazes his cheek. Aron, you don't even have a beard to shave with that, watch out!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! We'll definitely take this into consideration.