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So, we tried the demo some weeks ago with some friends, and I forgot to introduce them to Passions before the second conflict, T.T. We only played up until then, and because of life we won't continue for a few months at least, but we noticed some things.

First, the traps felt underpowered. The player felt the smart choice was always to make a basic maneuver and then a basic strike.

Second, I would have liked a little more guidance on how to run the enemies in that second encounter; the first one was very easy for my players to win, but the second one felt at times too difficult, and at times too forgiving. Like, they targeted the zombies first, and then couldn't do much to the ghoul or lykhoras before I defeated one of them, at which point I remembered that I could have dedicated the Lykhoras to the townspeople goal... At the same time, my players said that since I did nothing toward that goal, it wasn't as pressing an issue as fighting the monsters, so they ignored the goals too.

Third, we didn't understand the purpose of action dice. The best tactic seemed to be spending them all in the first maneuver, and going all out as soon as possible with a big strike.

We didn't play the first edition yet, so maybe we aren't the best audience for this in its current form, but well, I became ensnared with the ideas of the game and wanted to try the "latest" edition first.

i hope this feedback doesn't come too late!

Thanks so much for the feedback! You are right, more guidance is needed for that adventure. Going for goals is definitely intended (they're what make conflicts matter). I'll take another look at the traps for the next go-around. And the action dice can be used like that, sure! Though you can also directly add them to strikes or achievements to potentially push those over the top when enough Threat/Progress has accumulated, making them more of a surgical tool. And don't overlook that you can add them to other players' maneuvers and achievements with the Support reaction, which means everyone can pitch in to a single player's big action (or can be used like fan mail to tell the other player that you really liked their narration). Again, thanks for playing!

Great! I clearly understood Action Dice wrong, I thought they could not be used in Strikes and Achievements, :O.

By the way, if you want a more complete actual play report, I can give you that, but maybe this is not the best channel...