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I really like this game. It is so simple but it is hard to beat it ! Good Work !

Hi Buirry! Thanks for playing and for making a video about the game! Thank you so much for trying so hard! Your struggle made me laugh so hard although I'm aware that the game is waaaaay to hard for the moment!
Unfortunatly we didn't have time to test it before the jam ends...
The thing is if you give wrong info to the police, they might never find you, so you have to be sure about what you send (I know this is hard!).
Just mention the monuments you're sure about, they're big enough for players to see it ;)


Let's do the trip together:
- 1st clue is the Arc de Triomphe --> The kidnappers go around it, you can see it for almost 30 seconds by the left window (can't remember exactly when this occurs though^^)
- 2nd clue is the Eiffel Tower (that you saw, gg!) then the 2 fellas take a long straight road with the Eiffel Tower by your right side which gives you an idea of where you can be at that moment.
- 3rd clue is the Cathedral Notre Dame (that you also mentioned I think), the end is just a couple block further.