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I really enjoyed playing this game! The mechanics are pretty simple and the objective is straight forward. Great job!

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Hi furious_panda! Thanks for playing our game! You struggled hard until the end, thank you so much!
There's cruel lack of feedback on whether you're close or not to the position you're indicating to the police :D!

In our opinion, as a kidnapped guy with a few elements to get out of the situation, you can only contact the police and then give as much elements as possible. I think in this situation, you can observe and try to see famous places (there are 3 monuments on the trip: Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Cathdral Notre Dame), then when you see where you are, you can try to find the way they are going, do they go straight forward for a long moment, that would mean they're on a long street, then do they turn left/right etc....

Unfortunatly we didn't have time to test it enough, so we had no ideas how much clues we should give to the player :/.
We'll consider your experience to improve our game as soon as we can!

Thanks again so much for playing!