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I really liked the game!  Simple, straight to the point and has a nice twist.

I like the concept. Could use more challenges to make it harder to progress in the game. I also encountered a few glitches. Good game.

Interesting game. I came across a few glitches and was not able to finish the game. But I like the ambience and concept. Maybe add more elements to the game.

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I might have ran into a few glitches but still a good game. The game does have potential.

Great game! The creepy ambience and story were really good. I think everything worked really well together in this game!

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Good game! Took me a bit to get it. Definitely has potential! Interesting ending!

Love the concept and graphics. Not sure if I missed something or hit a glitch but I wasn't able to get the elixir. Still a cute game!

Simple game with a great twist! Wish there was more! Good game!

Thanks for the hint! Gave it another go!

Fun and challenging game! There are so many elements which makes the game interesting and fun. Good game.

Very challenging! I like the graphics and simple story. Cute game!

Nice game! Could use more sound effects. But good concept.

Loved the game. Great concept and easy mechanics. The puzzles were great as well. Great job!

Well done! I enjoyed this one as well! Good idea of changing the location!

Good game! Hoping there will be more to the story!

Interesting game! Keep up the good work!

Really cute game! Got the hang of it after my first try!

Great game!  Love the story and graphics. I did get confused as to why the character has hands but was not able to pick things up, not sure if I missed something or if that's just part of the game. Great job!

Fun game! I like the concept and graphics, it put my emoji reading skills to the test. I might have ran into a glitch when achieving 4 Thumbs Up.

I really liked the concept and interesting story. The idea of taking photos and using them to continue on the story was a really nice touch. Great game!

Really nice game. I liked the concept and artwork. It would have been nice to have some sort of story plot or back story, and sound effects/music would have been great! I had a hard time understanding the "hints" so I was not able to finish the game but I still enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the game. Interesting concept and artwork.

Great game. Interesting concept and design, love the graphics.

Really enjoyed the game! It's simple and easy to play but still gives a good challenge.

Interesting concept. It can get a bit challenging but still fun to play. Could try making the jump and toss buttons different.

Great game. Love the story and graphics. Only suggestion is to add some background music/sounds.

I absolutely love the graphics! The story was short and simple but still a good game. I did have a glitch where my mouse would disappear while reading the notes. Good job!

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Good game. I like the flashbacks and interesting story. I was a bit disappointed in the 2 endings; wish they could have had different outcomes. I still enjoyed playing.

Good concept and fun to play!

Great game! Interesting concept and good challenges. 

Such a cute game! Love the story, characters and graphics. I would suggest changing the controls to the usual WASD, the mouse was a bit difficult to use. Other than that, great game!

Fun game! Interesting concept and story.

Great game! Love the story, the graphics and sense of humor. I enjoyed the idea of being able to change characters. The examining of certain items were a bit excessive since they don't serve a purpose (unless they do in the full game) but I can see how they add more character to the scene and to the characters themselves. Great job!

You're welcome! I love your game and definitely look forward to a full game! Yes, of course you can share my video. Thank you, I appreciate it!

I absolutely love the graphics! And the story was very cute! Hope to see more!

Interesting concept, love that there's many choices. I enjoyed playing!

Good game! Concept was good, mechanics were simple. Made me jump a few times too.

This game has potential. There were some glitches/bugs that made it difficult to progress. But I like the concept. Keep up the good work!

Great game!  I absolutely love the puzzles! They fit in with the story and game really well. Love the graphics too!