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Really interesting concept. I love that it's random so it's not easy to expect things. I definitely need to get better at surviving lol. Great game again!

Enjoyed playing. Love the atmosphere and jump scares. Only suggestion would be the speed up the dialogue at the beginning. Great job!

Fun game! Such a cute concept of using fairy tales as part of the story. The mini games were a good add-on too. Would love to see another with more fairy tales. Great job! 

I had fun playing. Nice concept and graphics. Love the idea of adding mini games which will add some variety. Would like some background music so that it's not so quite. Great work!

I love this game! The story, graphics, characters and even how you play the game are phenomenal. It makes you think and be an actual detective. Great game!

Also, the testimony had names that weren't made clear with the rest of the story. Not sure if that was intentional or if you guys went through some changes.

Had fun playing. The style is great, had to get used to the mechanics. It would be good to add a restart option when you get caught that way you wouldn't have to start the game over. Great game! Look forward to more!

Really enjoyed your game! The art style and ambience give it that creepy feel. I look forward to the full game!

Wow! So many emotions in one game! It's a simple game with such a strong story.  Love the art design. Great job!

I really want to give your game a go but having problems just opening the game. When I tried opening 'Game' it says Failed to load archive. When I tried 'Lonely DC Demo' it says Unable to find file: Audio/BGM/Echoes (Tims Desire).

Nice game. There were a few typos. I like that there are multiple endings, maybe you could add a screen that shows you which endings you've discovered.

Yes! I realized I could have made things a lot more simpler than what my video shows. But that's something I'll have to keep in mind when the full game is released :) Thanks!

Great game! I love these style games. It is a be tedious to have to restart the game over when you make a mistake. But the story plot is great and nice cliffhanger. Can't wait for the full game!

Thanks, I was able to get more points. Where would I be able to find the ID?

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Fun game so far. I'm currently having a hard time progressing. I've managed to score 150 citizen points but don't know how to get more. Mind pushing me in the right direction?

Good game, I like the concept. Hopefully there will be more challenges in the game.

It has potential. It's got a good concept with easy mechanics. It'll be interesting to see what other things are added in, would be nice if there was more of a challenge. Good game.

Nice game, love the concept.  It's a bit tedious so I wasn't able to finish the game. Took a while for me to learn how the game works but I really like it. Great game!

I had fun playing. I would get stuck on some of the furniture which caused me to restart the game a few times. The stairs were difficult to go up, I needed to sprint to get to the top. Will you be adding more to the story? It would be nice to expand the game a little more. Great game!

Fun game, wished it was a bit longer. After getting the one keyhole, it would have been nice to have a 'Try Again' button to return back. But great graphics and sound effects!

I really liked the concept. I would suggest adding background noise and clues as to when the wife will appear. Also, the wife tends to disappear in random spots. Good game overall.

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After playing The White Diner, I got pretty excited to see this. Love the visuals and the concept. Keep it up!

Fun game. Took me a while to figure the process but the ending was great!

I enjoyed playing, very interesting story. I like the pictures that complement the scenes. Would have been nice to have music in the background or special sound effects. Nice game.

Wish there was more to the story but I can see the effort put into it. Great game!

I really enjoyed playing. It has a different take than other games which makes it unique. There were some spelling errors but still a fun game.

Enjoyed playing the game. Unique graphics and story line. Good job

I really enjoyed playing this game! The mechanics are pretty simple and the objective is straight forward. Great job!

Had fun playing your game! There were some pretty good jump scares and a bit of funny moments. Not sure if I hit a bug in the end or if that's how the game was made. Overall really fun game!

I really enjoyed playing this game! The graphics and the style definitely make this game come to life. There are some bugs I encountered throughout the game but it has potential. Some instructions would be helpful too. Great job!

I really liked the design of the game; it has a very interesting and distinct look to it. Enjoyed playing the game.

Went through it one more time (thanks for the tip). Although that part slowed me down, I still really enjoyed the game. And that ending is quite the cliff hanger.

Interesting concept and definitely has potential. With some objectives and  character development, this game can go a long way. Good job so far!

This game is really interesting. I did come across a few bugs; not sure if I missed something that caused me to not be able to progress but I really enjoyed playing and look forward to the full game!

Really enjoyed playing the game! There were a few bugs/glitches but it didn't hold me back on progressing. Love it!

I really enjoyed the game, The controls just need some getting used to, it was a bit difficult for me to move around. Good job!

Good concept, I really enjoyed playing! 

Interesting concept

I like the story, but it's a bit short. Would love to know how the story ends!

Really fun game! Some suggestions: different music and create levels that have different difficulties and obstacles. Had fun playing :)