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Huh. Did not know that! So sorry to hear you're having trouble but unfortunately right now I don't have time to fix this ๐Ÿ˜ž. 

However if you do want to play with Rift you can try using the following (hacky) workaround:

  1. Press ` (TILDE) key - it should be top left of your keyboard, next to 1 (although this can vary by keyboard layout) to enter Unreal's console
  2. Hold your Rift way up in the air, type vr.HeadTracking.ResetPosition into the console and press enter. This should bump the eye position up enough to be playable.

I realise it's not ideal but if you're keen to play the game it could work! And if it does, bear in mind you can use that same trick on any UE4 game which supports console commands.

still i cannot play on the new rift s. and cannot open the commands with the ` key.