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Hello all, I was wondering, can we make hypixel mods directly from this software?

if so, how do we put the program and mod  into a live server or game?

I am aiming to make a game mod for hypixel. The mod will contain a security package used for in-game security to the players builds. I am experienced with programming and animation but don't know how to upload work to a server or game:(

Also, looking for a partner with the mod because it's going to be a lot of work.

Heres an overview of what the mod will have...

camera's with monitors to display live and recorded footage.

robber npc's whom will rob local settlements.

vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles.

German shepherd like looking dog for security.

spotlights and revolving gates to make secure buildings.

Although there are so many things, Im not putting it all cause I'm tired of writing:)

Anyway, please help me with the questions above and anybody wanting to join my in this project my email is

thanks, all help and support is appreciated!!!

Deleted 1 year ago

He must be talking about Hypixel's upcoming game Hytale. Hytale brought on the developer to this app to create similar tools to their game for the same purpose.