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You should probably be more clear about your expectations. It seems like not everyone understands how to use your assets. Look at the media folder. In it there is a folder 'cat' that is essentially just the zip you're selling.

I just opened an issue on that repo. We'll see where it goes.

Thanks! Yes, this is very concerning, and those assets need to be removed from there right now.

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No problem! Looks like tonybaloney will be taking them down from the repo. (very nice guy btw). They are still going to use the assets (because they're adorable and they paid for them) but they will NOT be in the repo open to the public. If I were you I would just add an extra sentence to the top paragraph about, "these assets are not to be openly distributed" or something. Idk, maybe not. Anyway, love your work! Take care!

Great! Thanks for all the help and suggestions. And yes, I do not believe that Tonybaloney did this on purpose. I added "these assets are not to be openly distributed" to the description of each of my asset packs to make things clearer. Thanks again :)

I've removed the modified versions of the gifs from the git repository and moved it into an encrypted zip so that the package still works (but nobody has the password but me). This was not intentional, I love these graphics and had always credited you as the artist in the repository -- tonybaloney

Oh thank you, that sounds perfect. I really appreciate this and I'm so glad you like my art and found a way to still use the assets in your project :) Thanks for letting me know.